Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Seeing Spots?
From: Richard Rogers-Berry

My Jack Russell Story:

Rasta, my thirteen-week-old companion seems to learn something new everyday - He picks up on things faster than I can think of ways to keep him learning. But he has seemed of late to be developing something that I'm not sure where he picked up. One day a few week ago (about five min. before I decided to give him a bath) I noticed spots on the less hairy parts of his bottom! They didn't wash off of course - it seems he was developing freckles! Since then, now that I've noticed, he seems to be getting them all over (he is all white of body except for one black patch and a tri-colored face (just about the best looking JRT there has ever been - sorry all you). You can just see them barely showing thru beneath the fur. Is this common? I love the name Rasta and that he will remain - but just think, I missed the chance to call him SPOT!

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