Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Our Little Man - J.J.
From: Kimberly Henwood

My Jack Russell Story:

My husband and I, and well my parents too, are all owned by the same little man. His name is J.J., this is short for Jumpin' Jymini. He is an 8 month old, tri-colored smooth coat Jack Russell Terrier. He stands at the withers, 14" and is absolutely adorable!!!

Everyday he goes to daycare at my mom's. He plays with all the children there ages 2-10. He greets everyone of them and their parent(s), gives his approval and then goes off to find a toy for them to play with him. His girlfriends name is Alicia. She is 2 years old and is his favorite out of all the children. When she comes he knocks her down with all his lovin's to her, then he goes and gets his favorite squeaky ball. He will either drop it at her feet or force it into her hand. Fun thing he never lets any of us take from him. It usually turns into a tug-of-war!!! She takes the ball and runs around for him to chase her. He then takes the ball from her so that she can run around and chase him. He doesn't like all children, especially if they try to force themselves on him. I wouldn't even put it past him to bite that person. I tell everyone who meets him for the first time and even if its been a while since he seen them last, let him come to you. If he doesn't want to be patted ---DON'T PAT HIM!!!

He sleeps in our bed and has sleep overs at his Gammy's and Gampy's house. Usually on the weekends to keep my father company while my mother works outside of the home. They love him so much that he gets T-BONE steaks cooked everyday for him!!!!!!! My husband says J.J. gets treated better than he does!! I suppose he is right!!

So for all you out there who hesitate to connect your dog to children, don't be so hesitant. J.J. was introduced at 6 - 7 weeks of age and he is doing fine!! That's not to say that he won't one day turn against a child mistreating him, or toward an adult either!! But he has the best manners of any dog out there,,,, possibly any human being as well.

Kimberly Henwood & Jumpin' Jymini!!!!!

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