Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: P.J. and Jackie
From: Melinda Copeland

My Jack Russell Story:

I spend most of my weekends riding my horse P.J. I thought that I could not take my JRT Jackie with me. For the first few weekends, Jackie would watch P.J. and I amble off into the woods. Her face wore such a sad expression. One day I called her to follow. Much to my surprise, Jackie got a running start and jumped up onto my horse behind the saddle. This gave me an idea, so I mad a special pad that attaches to my saddle and now she rides my horse with me. When P.J decides to break into a rougher gait, Jackie crawls down into a saddle bag and hangs on. P.J. seems very proud of his new passenger and stands patiently for her to jump on his back. He even protects her from other horses who don't like dogs. All in all, it is a great arrangement.

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