Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Mike Tyson Terrier
From: Melinda

My Jack Russell Story:

My boyfriend and I have an adorable JRT daughter named Jackie. Jackie shares the house with a large siamese mix cat named Oscar. From the time we brought Jackie home, she and Oscar would play for hours and then curl up together for a nap on my boyfriend. Oscar is very patient with little Jackie, he has even taught her to fight like a cat. Well, one day I heard an horrible meeoooooooowrooooow sound coming from the kitchen. Jackie had knocked Oscar over and was proceeding to drag him around and around the kitchen by his ears. Oscar didn't try to get up, he just laid there and made awful noises. When Jackie let go, Oscar stood up and walked off with an "I'll get you back" look on his face. Well, Oscar got his revenge, but hey, that's another story

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