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Story Name: Beaumont
From: Nicco

My Jack Russell Story:

Last summer I went to visit my aunt in Seattle. She has a baby JRT named Madison. I never thought I would want a JRT until I came home. I was in love. So I told my mom once back in SA, she began studying the breed and thought they looked good. So we started to look for a dog. The breeder we bought him from named all their dogs after cities in TX. We bought the adorable one named Beaumont. Everyone fell in love with this now shy dog. We made many new nicknames for him like "little Bo Pup" or "Beaumontacious". A few months later his personality was totally changed. He is now a true JRT! So here I am typing this story with a six month old, smooth coated, true JRT.

Nicco Athens, San Antonio, TX

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