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Story Name: Julio,Bandit,Maggie,Buster,Mary-Jane,Moose,Sydney
From: Manning

My Jack Russell Story:

That's right. Between me and my in-laws, we have 7 Jack Russells. Me and my new wife added two more as soon as we got back from the honeymoon. We have Sydney and Moose. Moose is the one I'd like to tell a few stories about. First of all, I surprised my wife by coming home with not one, but two Jack Russells. We had initially gone together to pick out one, and we picked Sydney. Then my wife made the mistake of allowing me to go alone to pick Sydney up once he was weened from his mother. When I got there, there was ONE left. Poor 'ol thing was just looking at me and I COULD NOT leave him, so I didn't. I came home one day and I could hear that my wife was taking a shower and that she was "talking" to our pups. After hearing more and more talk, I walked into the bathroom to see Moose over my wife's shoulder like a baby being burped IN the shower. He sat there just as calm as can be. HE LOVES IT. My wife and I love these two animals like they were our own children.

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