Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Patch and the Ocean
From: Maureen Lyons

My Jack Russell Story:

Patch is a 6 month old broken coated little girl distinguished by a big brown patch over her left eye, hence her name. Recently, we visited friends at Oak Beach, Long Island, New York. This particular family owns two houses which sit directly on the Fire Island Inlet and look over toward that location. In other words, their "front yards" consist of sand and quiet inlet water, approximately 1/2 mile from the Atlantic. Patch has a wonderful mixed breed friend named Sally who has obliging taken the little scamp under her wing to teach her about life on the water. At home in Delaware, Patch only has a rather tame stream to explore and for the most part she ignores it.

Well, after an initial swimming lesson, in which Patch explored the consept of bouancy, she decided this "swimming" was probably OK. But in typical JRT fashion, she wanted more excitement. Therefore, she discovered DIVING.

One morning while have coffee on one of the wonderful decks, enjoying the sun and the seabirds, I heard Sally barking enthusiastically from the jetty that devided the adjoining lots. the barking was followed by lots of splashing noises. I thought Sally was chasing her ball into the water. Then I discerned the high pitched puppy yap of Patch in the din. I looked over the rail: patch was running about 1/4 of the way out on the jetty and lauching herself into space to land with a mighty slash into the gentle waters. She then paddled a yard or two to the safety of the sand, shook off, and headed out again for another "dive". Sally had her head cocked to one side clearly registering amazement at this activity (Sally's a boater).

Patch contined the sport for about 15 minutes that morning, enjoying each plunge more and more. Often during breaks from "tug-o'-war" and "bury the ball", she go for one great dive. She became quite accomplished at this after 4 days and regrets the creek at home only allows wading at best.

Patch also approves of the cooling and restorative oatmeal bath she receives after a day at the ocean. Do you think I am well trained?

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