Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Speedy Gonzalez
From: William Rodriguez

My Jack Russell Story:

Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it"! And so we did, We ask our breeder to give us the spunkiest, outwitter, CURIOUS, outgoing puppy she had. And there was Deuce, our little bundle of joy, His name at the time was Wolf because he would say wolf all the time. Our little JRT stared, kinda shy on the way home once there, just ran all around the house he spotted his corner in the living room and god forbid if anyone go's there. Many night's he would run to the bedroom to lick us, put his paw on us, growl, woof, the hole nine yards as to say, there's someone in his property. We knew the cat's were in the bedroom, so at four AM we got up to see of course, deuce leading and there he was! the intruder & deuce ready for the kill, but we realized he couldn't kill his own reflection. Not to mention, everytime the cartoons(speedy gonzalez was on saying;EEPAH" ANDA"ANDLE"ANDA") deuce would chase the cat's all around the house. Beside's his overall persistence, like when he can't go out with us, be sure to notice cat feces at the entrance of our home. that was just the beginning, it's been year& six month's now we really had to do a lot of research about this breed, were two owners of deuce & checking his name in the dictionary that's our dog all right"! As long we attend his needs he'll attend ours, & that's including sit,stay,give paw, rollover & all,...we love you always our little tough guy Deuce". it's amazing how smart jack russell's are when you learn the proper way to communicate. "he's great". Everytime I need to shut up my husband I just remind him on what he said about getting another JRT. Work's everytime...thank's boo,boo, your my right hand......

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