Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: In Memory of Eddie
From: Eddie's Mom

My Jack Russell Story:

My son and I lost our 20 month old JRT Eddie about 2 weeks ago. He was killed by a car after he had gotten off his leash while being taken for a walk.

I just wanted to tell you about this special dog. Eddie was first and foremost my son's best friend. He would greet him at the door every day after school. They would go for walks, they would play. Eddie hated for my son to do homework, and would steal his pencil just to get him to play with him. Eddie hated for Mike to wear socks. He would pull them off his feet and run off with them. He loved my son very much.

To me, he was a very loyal dog. A great source of comfort when I had had a particularly bad day. I could come home, and he would sit with me, and let me pet him, and just that alone would brighten my day. he could tell if I was upset about something, and would sit between my feet at the bottom of the couch, testing his head on my feet.

I remember when he would bring me a toy to play with, and if I didn't respond, he would go get another, thinking perhaps this isn't the one SHE wants to play with.

He would run circles through the kitchen, dining room, and living room, and we would just have to stand still until he was through.

I know these things don't mean a lot to anyone else, but they are things that we miss so very much since he has been gone. We have a new JRT named Murphy now. He is 16 weeks old and is a real joy to have and has been a great source of comfort.

I guess I just wanted to say, cherish every minute with your little JRT's. Keep them safe, and spend time with them. They are truly special dogs.

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