Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Big Blue Ball
From: Michael Triana

My Jack Russell Story:

This is a good toy idea for your jrt....My dog Bubba's nemesis is a Big Blue Ball about 30 inches in diameter....if you let him, he will chase it for hours...The ball is twice as big as he is and he can't quite grip it with his teeth on it... When he attempts to bite it he just propels the ball away from him so he chases it around the house or yard trying to bite it and slobbering all over it. The Big Blue Ball really seems to frustrate him; however he will never give up the furious battle with the Big Blue Ball.

If Bubba needs exercise and your not in the mood to play...get out the Big Blue Ball and let him loose...in about 30 minutes he is so tired that his tongue his hanging to the ground, but he will never give up, no matter how frustrated it makes him, unless you take the ball away. So if your an owner who doesn't have the same energy as your JRT try this...it is sure to wear out any JRT.

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