Jack Russell Story

Story Name: His Domain, I Just Live Here
From: Lily

My Jack Russell Story:

At our house, we have a little jrt named Sal. He is very feisty and we just love him that way. Here are just a couple examples of his quirks. If you sniff sal, he will always growl at you. If you look at sal in a way he does not approve of, he will growl at you. if you put a blanket over sal's head, he will go balistic, and try to nip at anything until he is out. If you ask him to give you a kiss, if you're lucky, he will lick your face, but if he is upset, he will growl while doing it. Of course, he is your best friend if you're holding food, but if you aren't, its every man for himself! But when it comes right down to it, sal loves the family and will do anything to protect us from harm!

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