Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Dudley
From: Mary Judkins

My Jack Russell Story:

I have owned a Jack Russell puppy since late September. I did my homework on this breed and was prepared to devote enough time and attention to my puppy. I definitely made the right decision. My story involves taking him to my brother's country place for Thanksgiving Day. Our family always had English setters and pointers (and one dachshund) but my brother said he had never met a dog with so much personality. He recounted this story to me (which even I had trouble believing, but its true). I had put Dudley's leash in a bag I had brought wine in and left it on the ground by the car. While we ate dinner Dudley snoozed in his kennel in the car. My brother went to let him out after dinner (I was in the house). Dudley jumped out of the car and then wouldn't move. He then proceeded to root around in the wine carrier, picked up his leash and handed it to my brother. (Dudley only knows that we goes anywhere on lead). This is a dog that was not even five months old! We are all very impressed with my genius dog.

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