Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Max's Starbucks Adventure
From: Melissa Ople

My Jack Russell Story:

The funniest thing happened today at Starbucks...

Max, my 1 year old JRT, and I went to Golden Gate Park and played with some other dogs in a patch of grass above the baseball fields this morning for our walk. He played and got totally muddy and had a great time. I brought a coffee mug with me and thought that I could go to Starbucks to get it filled up and just hitch Max to a chair or something really quickly the way other people do with their dogs. Of course I wasn't really thinking because Max isn't like other dogs. Well, I put his leash underneath a chair leg outside the doors on the patio, told him I'd be right back and went in. Luckily there was no line, which was a minor miracle because it was 7:30am on a weekday. I had just given them my cup and asked for a coffee of the day when, to my complete shock and disbelief, Max started to try to come inside. When he realized that there was a large green metal chair following him, he freaked out and tried to run away onto the SIDEWALK with it!!! It was so funny, but scary. I was yelling, "MAX!! STOP!!" inside Starbucks while he was barking and trying to run away from the chair that he was harnessed to. I got to him right in front of Noah's Bagels next door and undid the leash. I had to bring him and the chair back to Starbucks and I could hear the people working at the counter totally cracking up. I had to tie him to a chair AND a table in order to keep him in one place, but he still yowled and cried the whole time I was inside paying for and fixing my coffee. When I finally went outside, he jumped into my lap with his muddy self and got mud all over my new silver jacket. He was so happy, but I was bummed because I had to walk 2 blocks looking like an eccentric, muddy bag lady in my dirty silver jacket with my dirty, crazy dog. So that's what's happened to me so far today. I guess I can't complain too much because I miss the beast already.

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