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Story Name: I want to play..!
From: Doug

My Jack Russell Story:

Like so many, we also did not "know" what we were getting into..i.e an "ACTIVE" Jack Russell named; Smack. Don't get it wrong...the name was not given because of smacking...rather the breeder named this dog (Smack) at birth because of his brown colored eye..I guess looking like he was (Smacked). Thus, we kept Smack as the name...

Story: I have a 9 year old son who is a baseball and football sports enthusiast. When we go out to play football or baseball outside usually several neighbor kid's come out as well. When we pick sides, Smack is counted as a team-player and as one f the guy's (Dogs). Anyway, his focus is intense on the ball and when he gets it...it's usually a touchdown or a home run!

The Wright's
Tampa, Fl.

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