Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Lockdown at Kmart
From: S. Cobau

My Jack Russell Story:

I adopted "Bruiser", a one year old JRT from the dog pound. I was given a lecture regarding the difficulty of raising this "killer", particularly around my cats. We have had Bruiser exactly one week. In this week he has taught us a lot. He loves the cats, the kids, the other dog. He is a pleasure, and rides with me everywhere in my car. On a recent shopping trip, as I was preparing to back from my space I noticed a handicapped woman struggling to move the shopping carts from her designated space. I put my car in park, jumped out and moved the carts. Bruiser watched this procedure with interest, and when I returned to my vehicle he was so overjoyed, he jumped up and hit the automatic door lock button. Bruiser was locked in the car, with in running, for about forty five minutes while I waited for the spare key to be delivered by my spouse. We drew quite a crowd in the parking lot, one lady told me we had made her day. She also said she hoped Bruiser didn't learn to put the car into drive, he looked so smart, sitting there behind the steering wheel.

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