Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Texas "Chainsaw" Massacre
From: Alex Rogers

My Jack Russell Story:

Chainsaw and I, my JRT of 1.5 years and myself of 24 years of age just moved into to my newly built house, in Manahawkin NJ. I spent an extra $2,000 to get a bigger lot in the back so my little boy could have plenty of room to roam. I live in the pine barrens so this was an added bonus to Chainsaw, plenty of squirrels and Rabbits to chase. Anyway, I do not have many neighbors but I did have this one neighbor who lived down the road, and consequently she had to big German Shepherds. I was like," great two more big enemy's for Chainsaw. And worst part about it was she let them roam free. This was understandable because she never had any neighbors. I was always nervous that my little boy would have a confrontation with them one day. So it happened.

I was taking Chainsaw out for his nightly poo-poo, it was pitch black except for the light of the moon. I was about 10 yards from my house when I heard a gallop and a grow. I looked over and seen the glow of one of the shepherds eyes. I have gotten chased by dogs before and I knew not to run because that would only make things worse. Horrible thoughts were rushing through my head, my little boy was in trouble. As the shepherd grew closer Chainsaw stood his ground, I could hear a slight grow erupt from Chainsaw. The next thing I saw was the little man nailed that mean ol'shepard. Bit him right in the snout. A whelp came from the shepherd and he turned high tail. Whew!

I never knew he had it in him.

Always in love with my little boy Chainsaw
Alex Rogers

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