Jack Russell Story

Story Name: The Mower Monster
From: Leece and Daz

My Jack Russell Story:

We have a 9 month old JRT, her name is Lita. She has a thing for our mower, vacuum cleaner and any appliance that makes noises louder than her. She has taken particular attention to the mower. All we have to do is walk past it and she starts growling at it, if we walk toward it, she goes for the wheels, and if we pull on the cord she goes crazy. She's done this since she was about 3 months old. We can be inside the house and make a mower noise and she'll go outside and growl and bark at the mower. Just this morning, we were driving past a person mowing their lawn and she heard it and nearly jumped out the car window to get to it. I'm sure she's not the only JRT that does this. She is a very intelligent dog, which most JRT's are and her favourite words are Mummy, Daddy, Grandma, and "come for a drive". She also likes to jump. She is only 38cms tall (to her shoulder) but she can jump 4.5ft, and only when we tell her she can do so. She loves to wrestle and chew things while laying on her back. And she loves nothing more than sitting watching television and having a cuddle after a hard day of terrorizing. She is our baby.

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