Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Walking on Water
From: Karen Poston

My Jack Russell Story:

We were out walking with our 3 month old short legged jack one nice day. The weather was kinda cold but nice. Zena, our jack, was exploring on her own at high speed when she encountered the pond. She had been swimming and wasn't scared of the water but the pond fooled her because it was covered with algae. It looked as if there was a lovely patch of grass with only a few inches of water between the two of them. Zena decided to jump the water to get to what she thought was dry land when she abruptly found out that it was all water! When she landed, whoosh, she immediately went under. Up she came . The surprised look on her face said,"Did you see that!?" It was incredibly funny the way she came out of the pond and ran around like a crazed maniac! We can only imagine what she thought.

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