Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Russell who Loved TV
From: Alix Nardone

My Jack Russell Story:

One early morning I was sleeping on my parents' bed, when my mom, who couln't sleep, turned on the tv. A soundless movie called The Bear was on and my mom noticed I was watching the movie too! As a matter of fact I didn't budge until it was over, almost an hour. I even whined during the traumatic parts. That was the beginning of my fascination with any tv show with animals like Wishbone, any wildlife show, I even like the computer when mom runs the encyclopedia videos with animals on it. When my mom tries to watch her taped soap operas, I jump up on her bed and give her the, "give me a break look", so she will find a much more educational show with animals!!! When there is an animal on TV I feel strongly about I jump up 3 feet to bite him on the screen, sometimes I growl and bark too. My dad wants to tape me for Americas Funniest Home Videos because everyone who sees me watching TV, in my own TV chair thinks I'm amazing!!! Maybe I'll be famous someday, watch for me.

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