Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Smartest Dogs in the World!
From: Tina Ludeman

My Jack Russell Story:

Always wanting to learn anything new about dogs, I watch just about anything that comes on the tube on the subject. I was watching a talk show one day with a man on there who was a animal behaviorist or vet, I'm not sure which, but he wrote a book about dog intelligence. Well he listed a number of things to tell how smart your dog are. Of course JRT's passed everyone of them. (at least my dog did) The people that were on there with their dog's were also interviewed on why they thought their dog was smart. The first went on to say when he put his running shoes on the dog knew it was time to go for a walk. Well my dog if I even touch my hiking or running shoes he goes ballistic. He knows and takes me to the kitchen to get his leash too. The next person says there dog knows all its toys by name. Well guess what so does Bart! Not only does he know toys, he knows if I tell him where his toy is he goes and gets it. One day it was raining and I usually dry him off after he comes in. Well he came in (we have a doggie door) and was over by the front door and I told him to get the towel. He picked it up and brought it right to me. He learns new tricks on the 2nd or 3rd try. I just can't go on how smart he is. Now if I could just get him to heel! (I think this is his choice)

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