Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: It's all in the "Biggles"
From: Julie & Jerry Bolduc

My Jack Russell Story:

We just purchased our first JRT and are thinking of sending out birth announcements!!!! We checked around for months after we decided we were good enough to be owned by a JRT! We knew that no matter what else, he had to have a patch over one of his eyes! Well, our baby has one over both eyes! We have had him just over one week, (he will be 12 weeks old Sunday) and he has already taken over our bed! We have 3 sons (11-18), and they just love him too! He is as bright, sweet, lovable, intelligent, hard headed, & tough as we had heard JRT's were! Biting, chewing on EVERYTHING, and the housebreaking will be just a bad memory one day-but I'll still have my " Mr. BigglesWorth" or "Biggles" as we call him.

P.S. Our 16 pound cat is "putting up with Biggles"

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