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Story Name: My bundle of joy
From: Claire

My Jack Russell Story:

Hi everyone,

Well I have just recently purchased a Jack Russell Terrier pup. Cori is 8 weeks old and has been with us for 1 week. My mum was worried for the first day or 2 because Cori wasn't very active. He was also not eating properly and missing the companionship of his Mum and brothers and sisters. I warned my Mum, "Don't WISH for him to be active, because once he starts....."

Sure enough within a few days he settled down and came to life. Cori enjoys racing around the back garden, and has found his own little cubby of bushes to hide his rag toys in. He attacks his soft toy, chases the rubber, tennis, and soccer balls, devours raw-hide treats and chomps on the doggy toothbrush - Al-A chew bone. (Along with, of course, the carpet, couch, wires- NOT good, bedding, shoes, socks, and us). Cori also likes to cuddle very very much. We are of course trying to instill just a SMIDGEN of independence into this little dog (ha ha) but sometimes it's hard not to give in to those puppy dog eyes. Does anyone else have the problem of a JRT pup wanting endless cuddles to help him sleep??? I mean, will the independence just come with time or do we really need to enforce it?

If he is left outside for too long alone, he cries at the back door to be let in, although now he is getting a little better and soon gives up crying and ventures off to play again.

I'm sure Cori will enjoy his time at the horse stables once he is a little older....... I suppose I'd better warn the horses!!!!!

If anyone would like to contact me and Cori (who is at this moment laying upside down asleep on a office chair next to mine at the computer!!!), please do. I'd love to here from other JRT owners!!
Bye for now


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