Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: "Think like they're a large breed of dog"
From: J.A. MAC

My Jack Russell Story:

For many years I was an accomplished owner & trainer of 2 different unique large breeds of dogs.(North American Tri-Color Shepard & Newfoundland Labrador/Doberman cross) I was blessed with the companionship & dedication from my "best friends" from my past. My lifestyle allowed me to have enough space to satisfy the needs of a dog this size. My lifestyle has now changed and I no longer have the space... But I still have the desire for that same pet companionship.

I choose the JRT for sole reason that they are a small dog with the brain & senses of a large breed. In fact, they think they are the largest breed in the world. It is trying times when raising a JRT. Nothing but those "terrible twos". Like a toddler, you must always be aware of their goings on. When applying the mentality of raising a large dog, without having the space a large breed needs, you become more aware of the needs of your LITTLE GIANT !!!!

Think, Think, Think!!!

Lots of Exercise, rewarding compliments, something twice his size to chew on & most importantly a special cozy little enclosure (sided bed, crate or carry pen) that your dog knows is only his. These are the kind of things a JRT puppy will appreciate. Be patient. Typically the JRT obedience will begin to "kick in" between 9-12 months. Enjoy your new best friend.


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