Jack Russell Story

Story Name: My Bestest Buddy "PEDEE"
From: Tammy Oakes

My Jack Russell Story:

It all started one day at the flea market. I saw him and had to have him. So tiny but oh what we had in store for us. Shortly after we bought Pedee we bought a new home. Pedee was gonna be a house dog but after 3 set of mini blinds and 4 lamps, and something new destroyed everyday, we decided that with both of us being gone most of the day, maybe we should find a home better suited for this bolt of energy. Calls and offers poured in and finally after evaluating one person after another we found the perfect home. An elderly couple who had recently lost their JRT to the next door neighbors Rott. For three solid days I cried and continuously stayed on the phone with this couple. Finally after about 14 days I broke down and asked the new owners if I could buy my baby back. THey agreed and since then we have fenced in the back yard and bought Pedee a friend. I still keep in touch with the elderly couple and even take Pedee for visits. It's become a wonderful friendship and now when we go out of town we have the perfect babysitters!!!! He's here for life now*******

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