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From: Brad & Karen

My Jack Russell Story:

Now were up to two of these monsters. Our male "Yoda" now has a partner in crime by the name of "Zoe". Just wanted to let everyone know how we got her. "Zoe" is a 6-month old pup we rescued from a family in Tyro, NC. Seems that this family went to 9, yes, 9 different breeders and not one informed this family that these critters are hyper and demand a lot of attention. Well they bought Zoe and within a short amount of time they realized what they had. The wife decided that she didn't like the dog, so they bought a 6 x 6 pen and kept her locked out back, where she got mange. At least they finally decided to get rid of her. When we went to get her, I tried to talk him down on the price some, and his response was "if you won't take her, i've got a guy that wants her for breeding. You know you can make $350 a dog on these dogs". Needless to say, we paid the money (which was a bit more than we were prepared to pay), but she won't be in the hands of one jerk who locked her up and let her get mange, and another jerk who cares nothing more about these dogs other than the $350 he'll make off the pups. Yes, I'm ranting on, but I'm a bit angry at the greedy breeders and the breeders that sell the JRT to anyone with the money, no questions asked. Thanks for listening!!!!

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