Jack Russell Story

Story Name: My JRT
From: Lori Hale

My Jack Russell Story:

I was not in a good financial situation, I was living in my mother's house. There was a man I knew well, he lived there too, renting out a room. He had an ugly little dog, what I thought to be a cur. It was a Jack Russell. I know what your thinking, "How could a Jack Russell be 'ugly'?" It was the worst example of the breed I've ever seen, with short, stocky benched legs, too much colour and prick ears. But thats not what made it ugly, it was a mean little sucker. Growled if you touched the little witch.

Anyway, one day he brought home a puppy. Cutest thing I've ever seen!!! He had the makings of a champion Jack Russell, though I knew nothing of the breed at the time and thought the previous mentioned little witch was a good example of the breed (her owner sure acted like it!)

About 6 months later, her told me "dog's havin' puppies, want one?" At the time I thought no, a duplicate of his little mongrel bitch? I told him "I don't have a lot of money right now but I'll think about it." Yeah, right!

One night, the man opened my bedroom door : "Dog's havin puppies, wanna see?" Yeah, guess I did. I got up. That was it. No turning back now, I was in love!!! Two wiggly puppies already there. Then 3, and 4, and 5, and 6 and 7!!!

That's how it all started. Yesterday (at the time I write) was March 6, her first birthday, she's giving me a wonderful year! Let me tell you about her:

Hates the vacuum:
Attacks it if she sees it!

Saved me from a rattle snake once:
(see "Me and the 'frocious rattler snake" written by Ale')

Plays soccer:
Maneuvers the ball like a pro and could do it for hours!

If I wave my fingers like a conductors baton she will "sing" it really is a funny thing to hear!

Runs hot laps:
When she gets excited (when ever we go to the park) she'll run what my vet told me are called "hot laps" it's where they run in circles and circles and the back legs are going so fast they're almost in front of the front legs! It's very funny!

She watches TV:
Favorite ch. Animal Planet

She's Vain!
She sits in front of the mirror a lot, odd, really. I think it's because she was born in a closet with a mirror in it and she's been around mirrors her whole life so she knows it's herself. And they say only chimps and humans are smart enough to recognize themselves, but I don't know!

She's just the funniest and most loved dog there ever was, nothing can ever replace her (and thank goodness she takes after her father and not that mean little mother dog!) She's my fuzzy baby and I love her.

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