Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of brdatta@netcom.ca

Story Name: Bandita's Compulsions
From: Bonnie Datta

My Jack Russell Story:

Bandita is now eight years old, and I have many stories of her adventures and antics, but one of my favorites dates back to when she was just an adolescent of 7 months. I had spent a busy weekend moving into a new condo, and was relieved to have gotten all my furniture and belongings organized before having to return to work Monday morning. Bandita had the run of the house, for although she could create mischief, she was not destructive.

When I returned I saw that the front entrance and stairway were scattered with wooden matches. I had a small vase of them on the coffee table, as I planned to use my first-ever fireplace every day. As I entered the living room I saw that matches were spread everywhere, and as I started to gather them up, I found that eight of them had been lit. They had left burn marks on the sofa and the carpet. I was shocked to think that Bandita had almost burned down our new home. Then I realized that she must have put out the little flames, or surely at least one would have set a fire in the soft fibers.

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