Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Counselor Cutter
From: Robert Newman

My Jack Russell Story:

Cutter is my 12 Wk. old JRT. My elderly next door neighbors were outside when I brought him home at 8 Wks. Every one ooohed and ahhhhed at his cuteness. Last month my neighbor's husband was unexpectedly hospitalized. Unfortunately his condition deteriorated and he passed. During the lengthy hospital stay the children came to stay. Well, a beautiful little girl (7 year old granddaughter) was displaced and was basically sitting around all day when she was not at the hospital. Well, this is where Cutter came in. The little girl would wait just inside the storm door to see when I brought him outside. She would come out and play with him for hours at a time. I saw a change in that little girl. I feel like Cutter was instrumental in that change. Dogs ARE Medicine

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