Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: LOST!

My Jack Russell Story:

My Fiance, Allen, used to hate my dog, Tucker, when we first met and vowed to rid me of my little pest. This didn't happen of course,( I mean, hey, he is a Jack Russel. Who could resist?) and the two of them became the best of friends. Allen now takes Tucker with him whenever he can and lets him run around and play outside in safe areas.

One afternoon, I made my usual call to Allen from work to see how he was (he works at home) and to check on Tucker. When he answered the phone, he sounded very peculiar and asked me if I could come home. I said no and asked him why he wanted me to and received the most terrifying news of my life... He couldn't find Tucker! He had brought him somewhere and forgotten about him and drove away and left him there!

Well, of course I immediately freaked out and yelled at Allen. "How could you leave him?! Why aren't you looking for him right now! GO BACK AND LOOK FOR HIM!!!!!!!"

I guess he had been looking for him for a couple of hours but had no luck and decided to go home and figure out what to do. Thinking the whole time that he would just find him ship-shape and never have to tell me. Sneaky boy!

My boss let me go home because I was hysterical (I would have left no matter what!) and I proceeded to drive home to divorce Allen before ever even marrying him, after finding my baby!

On the way, I called my mom on my cellular phone (because I needed my Mommy!) and told her what happened. She just said "Oh, your sister has him. Some man found him and called your number but you weren't home so he called the alternate number on his tag and brought him to her house."

Needless to say I was quite relieved to hear this but also became extremely angry that neither my mother nor my sister thought to call myself or Allen and let us know where he was!

It turned out that Tucker had figured out Allen left him and went and found his own way home. A city worker had left his truck open and when he returned, Tucker was sitting in there waiting for him to give him a ride home! He was very happy to see the man and was very friendly to him until he saw my sister. He then he ungratefully growled at him after my sister had him and the man tried to pet him. Talk about gratitude!

Well, Allen and I did not divorce before marrying and he is still allowed to take him with him. But I have learned that this was not the first time he has driven away and forgotten him and he has been warned that if this should happen again, I will murder him. After all, if he can't even take care of a little dog, how will he care for our children some day?

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