Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jack Fever (or the new additions---)
From: Samara Deavers

My Jack Russell Story:

This is a warning for anyone out there with a "cute little Jack Russell Terrier"---THEY ARE EXTREMELY ADDICTING!!

We should know--we just added Winnie and Mouser to our home!! Winnie, a smooth tri color female came to us in Oct., and Mouser joined us just last week. So far so good, although Mouser at 91/2 weeks has already learned how to steal the ball when the other dogs play tug-of-war, and Winnie is taking after her mother Scout by leaping vertically into our arms (literally at least four feet) when she wants attention!! Bailey, my good old boy (at 9 mos.!) is like the referee of the house---he gets in and wrestles with them and then sits on anyone who gets too rambunctious!!

So anyway, I guess we'll have to get a bigger house with more land now----but boy is it worth it!

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