Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Owen Meany
From: Sheri & Robert Juarez

My Jack Russell Story:

Around our first marriage anniversary, my husband and I decided to get a dog. We were both looking for a dog that was interactive and small, for I was raised with pit bulls and my husband with a poodle. We somehow agreed to adopt through the JR Rescue. We were fully aware of what we were getting into...so we thought. Coming from a family with huge pit bulls, I thought no problem, I can handle a JR!

Well, we adopted Owen Meany at almost two years old and boy has our life been changed. I must say that I find Owen to be too smart for his own good, and just like all the JR's I read about. Everything! Isn't it amazing how much they're all alike? Our Owen Meany loves to watch TV (inlcuding chasing animals- how do they know it's an animal, anyway?) and I swear Owen is a JR - Trekie style. My husband is a Star Trek junkie and well, as you guessed it... so is Owen Meany. You all are not alone, our JR barks at any loud noise outside. The mailman, UPS person, and trash day is a day we dred. We too take our JR to Starbucks and well, he always seems to be noticed because he's cute, but he barks like a mad dog at the delivery trucks in the shopping center! He about drives me nutts sometimes! Owen Meany is the perfect pre-child experience.

For that matter, our dear Owen is spoiled and insists on being under our covers as well, I suppose it's that burroughing instinct in him. One night he nudge to get under the covers and it turned out he nudged my rib cage and began tickling me... I couldn't stop laughing which ofcourse got him going in "play" mode. Owen so happens to love to sleep between us and as you may have already guessed - he is a wonderful and "natural" form of birth control. Nothing happens ...when a JR is sleeping between you and your spouse.

I love our JR, like all of you, and I must be honest... with all the hectic things he causes, he always has us laughing. We love you Owen Meany!

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