Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Skunk Attack
From: Bill Anthony

My Jack Russell Story:

One day by my house my parents went for a walk with my best friend and his mom along with our dog Eddie who is a vicious hunter. Well anyway, they were walking along the back of our house and all of a sudden she started barking at this over turned metal barrel. My dad lifted it thinking it might just be a rat or snake, but it was a big nasty old skunk. My parents and best friend took off running. Eddie went after it and my friend's mom just stood there. Eddie then attacked it and bit it right in the rear and got sprayed. After she got sprayed she continued to attack it until the thing decided to run away. After that incident my friend's mom smelled a little and Eddie smelled really bad. We took her to the vet to get cleaned up. After that she smelled for weeks and stunk up the house because after she got back from the walk she ran into the house and rolled all over the sofa and just made the house stink. Well that's it, hope you enjoyed it.

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