Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Pickpocket
From: Yvonne Moore

My Jack Russell Story:

We have had Jack Russells for several years, and enjoy the entertainment they provide. We have lots of great stories, among my favorites is Moxie's ability to pick pockets.

Moxie is a tiny little girl, and she has always been able to stick her head into any available pocket, searching for treats. She also will put her head into bags and boxes, rooting around to see what she can find. She has come out of a bag of my mother's with an apple, held by the stem. I thought that was a good one, until she started going after cash!

My friend Liz was visiting us, and her purse was on the floor by her chair. Moxie strolled over, stuck her head into the purse, and began to take inventory. We sat and watched her, saying nothing. After a minute, Moxie backed out, and held delicately between her front teeth was a twenty dollar bill! She had pulled this out of Liz's billfold. How she knew to go for the double digits, we have no idea! Luckily, Liz found this very funny.

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