Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Get The Rat
From: Jill Goodman

My Jack Russell Story:

Well one day I said to my hubby you should build a go to ground. So he did. One sunny sunday afternoon I said to my hubby we should work the dogs threw the GTG. So I whent to the pet store to borrow a rat. The guy looked at me so I explained i just need to work my dogs and i would return the rat when I was done. In good faith I baught the rat a cage so I could transport it to the house. Well the jacks were going nuts. we worked them one at a time it was great Untill we decided to work the pup. welll the pup goes threw the tunnel mind you he is a silent worker he is fixated and intense. I said to my huby i will shake the cage I did and i held it up a little my jack lunged from the tunnel and put his head right threw the cage I am yelling at my hubby to catch the pup because I bowrowed the rat . It was quite a seen when i brought the rat back the guy at the pet store he said what happen to the cage it was wired and bent and beat up I said i worked my jake and he he almost got your rat.

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