Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Our Three Children
From: JoAnne

My Jack Russell Story:

I first got Peanut when I graduated from high school. She was so small and such a hand full! She was an exceptionally rotten pup, she chewed up everything in sight, including the toe out of my fathers pair of elk skin boots! I also found it hard to keep her locked up in her cage as every afternoon as I came home from school she had escaped. And she would not be house broken.

I eventually moved in with my boyfriend who also had a dog, a black lab chow mix, almost immediatly all of the bad behaviour stopped. She instantly became a new woman. I guess that she was so lonely and boared that the onlt way to release it was to be destructive.

A year went by and to our suprise we reciened a call from a friend who worked at the boulder humane society, she claimed that there was a Jack Russell at the pound. We tore down to the humane society and there we saw our son, he was laying down patheticly, looking up with his big brown eyes, I just couldn't take it. When I asked them what his story was they said he was found in the park with tags , the owners were called and they said that the didn't want him any more, he had three homes in the past three years and they were just fed up. We took him out side to play, he played with that tennis ball untill his little heart almost burst. We set up a meeting so he could meet peanut, mickie and our roomate nate. It was strange, they all acted like he wasn't even there. So I jumped the gun and with out discussion we adopted our Rocket.

Now when we got rocket home boy was he a wreck, it was obivious to us that he had been roughed up some because when ever you moved to fast or stomped around he would urinate all over himself and everything else. He bit me once and since I had never been bit by a dog I had no idea how painful it was so I cried and sobbed mostly because my feelings were really hurt. And we decided to give him a chance because we loved the little guy and felt so sorry for him. A few months later he bit Jason, my boyfriend and we again decided to give him another chance because we loved him and because he had so much baggage. But at the same time we decided if there was another incident that we would put him to sleep, because if he would bite us he would bite anyone, and that it wasn't fair to put our problems on anyone else. Altough that had been done to us.

It's been three months with out incident and he has stopped urinating all over and we have learned to respect each others wishes. He even howles with us! And we love each other so much more. I really think that saving Rocket was the one thing that has really taught me how to see things from a dogs view, espically after they had been mistreated, and for sure the meaning of love.

Boulder, Coloardo, Joanne

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