Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Merry Christmas...a little too early!
From: The Burneys

My Jack Russell Story:

After an afternoon of Christmas shopping, we brought home several large bags of Christmas gifts and other household items. Being in a rush to attend an early Christmas party, we had to drop the bags and run. Our Jack Russell, Sweetie, as usual sniffed the packages hunting for Treats or anything edible. Knowing her tendency to be sneaky and bold, I decided to close the packages up in our bedroom so she would not explore deeper in our absence.

Later that evening while back at home snuggling on the sofa with my husband and Sweetie, I suddenly realized that Sweetie had disappeared from her favorite spot, my lap. We called and called and she didn't respond. We were puzzled because she always answers when we call. Being cunning JR owners, we called out "snack" which always brings her running. No answer. We figured she was up to something and would find out what later.

The following morning, as I was dressing for work, I heard the sound of tin foil crinkling and quickly followed the sound. Right there, under the bed was Sweetie, licking the foil wrapper that once contained a large Christmas package of Jerky Treats. Caught red pawed she relunctantly gave up the foil and I immediately locked the remaining Christmas packages in my closet. Sweetie enjoyed her Christmas 3 weeks early, which goes to show you how impatient, devious, and smart JR's can be.

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