Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Love at First Sight
From: Keri Hinojos

My Jack Russell Story:

Everybody who owns a pet most likely feels that they are their children or at least part of the family. My intentions when I decided to own a dog was that she was going to be my only child until I get another dog. There must have been something else written in the stars, because my husband and I were surprised with a beautiful boy. Who is now going to be the only human child.

Dobbs, my Jack Russell, has a couple of interesting stories behind her. For starters, I had a terrible time thinking of a name for her and was running out of time before she came home. The breeder, and personal friend of mine, I got her from sells hats. So, her JRs’ name is “Durby”, which is Dobbs’ gramma. So, my dilemma was finding a hat that would suit for a my dogs’ name. I went through every book that had anything to do with hat’s or kid’s name’s.

One day I was at my dads’ house I came across my grammpas’ old hat boxes from years ago and printed on the top was “Dobbs Hat Co.” That was it! I found a hat name that fit into the bloodline and it came from the hat boxes that belonged to someone special to me, perfect!

Most owners find their beloved pet somewhere within the area that they live in. I, on the other, hand was not so lucky. On a trip up to Kent, Washington to help out my friend at a horse show selling her hats, I was introduced to the breed for the first time. Her dog just had puppies the week before I arrived. When I saw them, it was love at first sight. Like Dalmations they had very little ‘spottage’. Except for one in paticular. This little love bug had a very destinct black spot around the base of her newly docked tail. This also has meaning to me because my Paint horse had the same marking only in chestnut. I made up my mind right then that she had to be mine, and how I was going to get her home? She was only a week old, so, I had to wait seven more weeks.

I made arrangments for her to fly home on Alaska Airlines, which by the way, I was very satisfied in the condition of her arrival. So, at eight weeks she took a two hour flight from rainy Washington state to sunny southern California. I will never forget that tiny and frightened puppy face peering back at me from the very back corner of her travel carrier. She sat there and shook after that long flight. I spook to her softly telling her it was all over and she was going to be alright. As soon as she recognized that I was a friendly face, she pitter-patted to the front of the carrier and the first thing she did was give me a little wet puppy lick on the end of my nose. My heart melted. I was in her mercy and my she was my pride and joy ever since.

She warms everybodies heart instantly as she entertians them with either a game of tug-of-war with her favorite rope, what’s left of it, or catch with a skinned tennis ball. She really loves her toys’ literally to their slow death’s. She’s a better conversation piece then an abstract peice of art. For the first hour at least that we have visitor’s she’s all we talk about. Partly because she’s very persistant for your attention, and most of all because we love her ‘lots’. We have many tale’s to tell about her jumping the German Sheppard, the Boxer, and the mut that’s 10 times bigger than her that live in our complex. What’s amazing is that she is so intent on protecting ‘her’ space when they come around that the bigger dog is usually intimidated. Now to a fellow Jack Russell owner knows that these occurances come as no suprise. They truly think that they are a foot and a half taller and a 100 pounds.

Although the breed my not be for everybody because of their continully up-beat personality, Jack Russells can charm the sock’s off the grouchiest of humans and won’t quit ‘till they get a giggle ‘outta-ya’. If I had to descibe their disposition I would have to describe them as “intently perstsant”, not high strung.

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