Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Oh Christmas Tree
From: Annie & Tinker

My Jack Russell Story:

Last Christmas my Husband's Aunt & Uncle invited us to their house for a get together. They said it was okay to bring Cubby, our 7 year old JRT. He made the 2 1/2 hour trip with no trouble and was very happy when we got to their house. He did his business in the yard and inside we went.

We had been at their house for about an hour and he walked up to their live tree, sniffed it and wet on the floor!!! While apologizing to my husband's aunt I said I couldn't understand it because we had a live tree too. About that time we heard noises from the kitchen where Cubby was proceeding to get sick all over the kitchen floor!! He was fine for the next hour or so until he decided that their cats needed to be chased around.

I thought the visit would never be over but we came home without incident and still hasn't had any problems with our live trees!!

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