Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: The Tazmanian Terror!
From: Rick and Linda Vodden

My Jack Russell Story:

We'd always had Beagle(s) until my wife talked our "farm" friends into replacing their deceased dog and they innocently choose a JR from a neighbour friend. Their lives have never been the same (nor has their shoes or even their furniture! ). Well my wife fell in love with this little rascal and my hopes of getting a 2nd Beagle started to wane.

I ended up giving Linda a JRT Mug for her birthday with a promisary note for a JR pup. Last Nov., after much looking, we picked out a pudgy "parana" from a breeders litter after ensuring both parents were "people" dogs.

Well, we've never looked back ... well yes, the first night was something else.. L'il Taz was in his carrying cage on the dresser next to the bed .. whining woafully .. but we had declared to each other that this one was NOT going to end up being spoiled in bed like all our other dogs before this one. I'm not sure what happens to this logic around 2:30am but the sleeplessness takes it's toll on the mind and one involuntarily unlatches the cage door & extracts a now quiet but tail waging pup from the confines & places the furball carefully against his wife's neck and peaceful sleep ensues.

Well things haven't changed much. Taz still rules. Except now we're back to restless sleep again as he now "burrows" & "emerges" what seems like 20 times a night and loves to curl up between/behind your legs in such a way that you swear you are a parapalegic when you attempt to get out of bed in the morning.

Taz & Cody (the 4yr. old Beagle) are the best of friends. Being at opposite ends of the energy spectrum, it's been an ongoing adjustment for them both. I'm sure Cody's aged an extra 2 yrs. with the pestering and Taz now even takes naps during the day. Both of them love to lie in front of the woodstove on a chilly evening.

Just mention "bush" or "walk" or "stroll" and we have instant pandamonia. Almost everyday, we get to the "bush", a small but safe woodland behind our rec. complex. The JR doesn't seem to have the same scent capabilities of the Beagle as he can not yet trail a rabbit by nose .. but what excitement when he sees one that Cody has flushed. Taz loves to chase anything .. frogs, birds, cats, and especially squirrels .. every time we go for a "car-ride" the two of them are so intense watching every lawn for one of those black "teasers" who always manage to tree before Taz can reach them ... but he's been sooo.. close.

Adjacent to one of the best squirrel parks is the Pet Food Store & Taz routinely drags us into the store on our walks & helps himself to his favourite treat .. a pig ear! Of course, food is the only contentious point between the two .. the y're always trying to sneak each others food or bone treats. Taz, with his "maturing" is now even trying to scare the Beagle away from her food with growls & rushes, but as of yet, Cody, with all her fur up, is still standing her ground ..although I don't know how she can eat & growl back at the same time.

Unfortunately, Taz doesn't like to swim. He's been in a couple of times to chase things but never goes in willingly in the summer to cool off. One bonus though is that I have discovered a spray bottle is a great training device .. harmless yet effective. We've quickly cured jumping up on guests & unwanted barking with it.

Better go. Taz is about to experience his first real Christmas (he was too young the last one) .. and Cody is very adept at sniffing out "dog" presents & opening them (we used to put them out in advance but not anymore!). I'm sure the JR will master this skill quickly .. just like unpotting plants, disassembling wicker baskets, shreading tissue boxes, etc. etc.

Linda & Rick Vodden
Kincardine, Ont. CA.

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