Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Squirrel Terminator
From: Kimberly

My Jack Russell Story:

Our Jack Russell is two years old female. When Jessie is bored she sits in front of our sliding glass door and looks up in the woods for squirrels. When she sees one there is NO way you can not hear her yelp! I let her out to chase it and Jessie watches the squirrel jump from tree to tree untill it hits the ground and you can hear her teeth snapping at the squirrel but she still hasn't caught one on her own.

Story Name: World Pool Russell

My Jack Russell Story:

One day my dad took me and our 2 year old JRT to hike the Conklin ravine.When we reached the end there was a waterfall. Although the water was not deep it was too strong for Jessie and I. First my dad took Jessie across and told her too stay on the island she was on. Then he came over to get me. Meanwhile Jessie was scared and tried to jump over the rapid and fell in. All we saw was a little head and feet paddling for breath. At the end of the rapid there was a huge pool. When Jessie reached the end of the rapid she swam to the edge of the pool and jumped out. I was very happy she was okay and then we left the Conklin ravine.

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