Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Drip Rip...
From: Steve & Holly

My Jack Russell Story:

This is a story about Rodie the Russell; too smart for her own good.

We have a specific area fenced off in our back yard for the animals (they will dig to China you know). One sunny Sunday morning Steve noticed a flash of white and copper flying through the back yard (the "non" animal area). Steve thinks "what could that be?".

Well, little miss Rodie had opened the gate of the fenced-in area to be free! She proceeded to rip out appx 25 drip lines for our plants. The back yard had been landscaped only one week prior to the "drip rip".

Needless to say we were furious as we had to spend the entire day replacing all the damaged drip lines. What a way to spend a Sunday!

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