Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Mischief
From: Debbi Bell

My Jack Russell Story:

Greetings friends!! I'm afraid I'm compelled to tell you about my crazy long-time friend, Linda and her buddies, Maggie and Homer.

I'm Debbi. Linda and I've been friends since we were 13 yrs old... were 13 ... uh oh, we're forty-something now. She's always rattling on about her babyjack, Maggie and her handsome Homer (who is a 130 pound Marmaduke - a combo blue tickhound and yellow Lab). Yes, love is blind folks. She says he has Betty Davis eyes and he does. Of course his face is something of a different nature and Handsome is really stretching it.

Anyway, between Maggie - who literally ate my keychain and left a tooth in my skirt .. she really is a something of a cherished neurotic buzzer with four legs and a "nosey" nature and Homer who probably was not named by Linda - or Linda needs contacts more than I thought she did ... well, they both make a hurricane of a trip to see in action and to hear about. What do they do?

Maggie, who's only 15 lbs, loves to jump on his back and ride Homer like a horse. Homer loves to give her face a wash every night after dinner. He leaves no crumbs behind. Of course, Linda thinks this is love but I think Homer is still hungry. Maggie loves to jump up and down on the bed and bark at Homer just to rub it in that she gets to sleep with Linda and her hubby, John. 'Course John (who works extremely hard) is thrilled with this display of character. Homer, I imagine, could cave the whole bed in if he gave a care!!!! They'd all go down in a huff. Last winter when we had a grappling 5 inches of ice storm our way ,,, along with neighbors crawling up to their doors on all fours, Maggie got a ride on her Mom's back ... she couldn't make it up the hill either. Homer just laid there waiting for it all to thaw (he was waiting for food too). Linda had to get a rope and drag him up the driveway and Maggie "helped" by pulling on the rope. Maybe this type of thing sounds familiar to you. If you've got a Maggie and a Homer, write us back!!

Remind me to tell you the frog story later. Excuse our format, this is my "first time"!!!!! Adios!!!!

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