Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Television Star at 11 weeks
From: Albert and Yolanda Flores

My Jack Russell Story:

I became an owner of a JRT or actually he began owning me when he was just 8 weeks old. Milo came to us from West Texas...the last thing I wanted was another dog...you see I already have an Alaskan Malimute and a black Lab...plenty. I have also always believed that dogs belong in the great outdoors, not under foot. Well after several hours of pressure from both my wife and my daughter...I gave in...my first JRT. Now at 12 weeks he lives IN THE HOUSE...runs the place...and I have mad him a television star. You see I work in television as a chief meteorologist at KENS-TV in San Antonio. Milo is now known to the television audience as HI/LO MILO the weather dog. They love him at the television station...I never know what department he ends up in...news..sports...traffic...production. They just pass him around all afternoon till his mom...my wife picks him up. Somehow this little dynamo has not only moved in...but taken over the household...in a span of a month...I'm still holding out in some areas....I insist that he will not sleep with us.....my friends tell me it will be just a matter of time....I gotta win at least this one...don't I????

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