Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of rharrison@kih.net

Story Name: The Great Rescue
From: Jack R, Harrison alias Rough

My Jack Russell Story: I am Jack-a rescued Jack Russell terrier. A very nice lady named Mary Kindred, rescued me 6 months ago. Mary was searching hard to find me a home- I was scared. One day an article appeared in a newspaper about me; my new "mom" read it and started calling all over Kentucky to find out how to reach Mary. Finally, they talked to each other. Three days later, I had a new home. On 132 acre farm-this is a dog's life! Deer to chase (not kill), mud to roll in, moles to hunt and butterflies to chase. Mary- if you ever get a chance to read this-thank you! You saved my life and gave me the greatest home. I am loved-as every animal should be.

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