Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: We Learned the Hard Way
From: Gordon King

My Jack Russell Story:

Eight months ago we got our little bundle of energy and immediatly fell in love with her. She became the focus of everything going on in our household. Of course we thought we had the ideal champion Jack Russell and were mortified when we took her to a trial near White Rock, BC, Canada and found she did not meet the confirmation standards. As she grew up we got to love her more, and excelled at puppy obedience class and training at home. We unfortunatley left her in the care of little girl who wanted to take her for a walk to the park. Strict instructions not to let her off the leash. They got playing and along came another pup and our little Jacki ran onto the road and was killed instantly by a passing car. Do not leave your Jack Russell in the care of any one but a responsible adult.

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