Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Old Lady Bogart
From: Boo

My Jack Russell Story:

Bogart was born on Feb 8 1982, which makes her just about the oldest JRT around. She will be 15 yrs old on her next birthday, but people still refer to her as a puppy, due to her energy level and disposition. She used to be the alpha dog to our 10 yr old Golden and 4 yr old Aussie. But in the last 6 months or so, she has become increasingly blind and is now deaf.

Reading the other JRT owners' stories reminds me of Bogart when she was younger. We used to go to the field and she would catch ground squirrels, toss them in the air, catch them, crunch their bones, and then present it to ME!!! Yech... And as with other JRTs she is a master at finding food and getting it!! She would paw at the fridge and whine until a single piece of dry dog food is whisked out!! (None of the other dogs do that)

Even though she is almost 15 yrs old, she has lost only a little of her energy; I suspect she will live another 10 years and that the wag in her tail will be the last to go.

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