Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Bandit - that Killer Instinct, well almost!
From: Todd Edmondson

My Jack Russell Story:

Last weekend I was walking the large sandy beach area of a place called Birch Bay near the Canadian Boarder in Washinghton. This was one of those settings where the ocean was 400 yards away from the beach and just sand and seaweed between them.

I was telling my friend about how my 9 month old JRT smacked a Crow out of the sky and just about had it for lunch. He didn't believe my story by the sounds of it. The funny part is that no sooner did I tell the story, little Bandit starting charging at all the birds 100 yards away. It was something like an Alfred Hitchcock movie watching them take off. Both Ken and I laughed, until we noticed Bandit catching up with this Canadian goose (too much to drink I guess?). 3 seconds later, Bandit had jumped on the goose and they were in a stand off. Well, I freaked!, I know its good to work the JRT; however, killing a goose on a public beach (dogs probably were not allowed there anyhow), is another story. Well, I ran after Bandit and tried to stop the fight, I think Bandit could have creamed this goose if I didn't step in. I am glad I did and that my dog likes to hunt but not to kill.

The killer instinct, well almost.

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