Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Hoss Tater
From: Marilyn Greene

My Jack Russell Story:

Hoss Tater's my name, spoiled jack russell's my game. I'am 10 months old and live in horse country in Lexington, Kentucky. I'am a bow legged pug legged type. My mom and dad bought me because they had bought my brother for my mom's parents in Louisiana. He spent two nights in Lexington before his big trip and they fell in love.Grandma and grandpa would'nt send my brother rascal back. So----they came looking for me. They thought they knew all about dogs. The problem is......us JRTs are not quite the average buckaroo!!!!!! I sleep in bed, supervise the cat and the big black...slow labs, and generally run the place. Having a new russell is like having a new baby in the house. I guess I taught them a thing or two. Well, I'd better go, its time for Cops, my favorite show. I'am going to be a police dog when I grow up. I have toy police car with a siren. I love it!!!!!!!

Love to all
Hoss Tater Greene
(brother to Rascal Tater Conklin)

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