Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Miss Jersie and the Keys
From: Lauren Smith

My Jack Russell Story:

I was given my JR, Miss Jersie, when she was almost 8 months old. My 1st dog was at the end of his brief life when she joined us. Theodore had to take tranquilzers twice a day for seizures so you can imagine how unprepared for the JR enegry level I was! After Theo died, I decided to take Miss Jersie with me to work one Saturday. I always had taken Theo so what could go wrong? I drove up to the front gate, snapped the gate key off the key ring, held Jersie in the car, closed the car door & unlocked the gate. I came back to the car, got in without letting Jersie out (it can be done) and drove through. Having accomplished this difficult manuver once, locking the gate will be a piece of cake right? I got out, dog was in, car is still running, in park just like last time and I locked the gate. On my way back to the car I hear a "thunk". PANIC! Jersie is in the car, the car is running (still in park) and she's locked the drivers door! I check, and yep, the car key is still in the car (is that why it was still running?) I quickly moved to the other side & of course, she beat me. With another "Thunk" that door too is locked. She's looking at me looking at her & I don't know what to do. Does AAA rescue dogs? Can a JR unlcokd a door? Who do I know who has a key to my car? I finally start thinking & realize that I'd better get the dog out before she decides to drive my car into the building. I was finally able to find a wire coat hanger & brought it out with me. When I get back out to the car I find she's turned on the windshield wipers! Now to the squeek, squeek of the wipers going across a dry window, I try to pry up the lock on the door. It took 15 minutes but I finally got it open. I now make sure that I have the keys & she has at least a chew bone & water in the car, just in case.

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