Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Two of a Kind (sort of)
From: Dave and Mary Falco

My Jack Russell Story:

The story begins with the acquisition of our first Jack Russell, Ladybug. Three years ago, I responded to a "Free JRT" add in the local paper-after a brief phone call, we were to meet owner and dog in a nearby parking lot. Well, we no sooner got out of our car and set eyes on the dog, then the owner began loading up our car with dog items, hastily saying goodbye, and speeding off in her car.We thought "uh oh". On the end of the leash she shoved in our hand was a terrified dog with a very worried face.(Lady is a female broken coat with a large scar on the tip of her right ear).

From our phone conversation, I was told her next home would be her fourth and she "hated kids and pets"-which proved to be true, to an extent, as she was very 'untrusting'. But, my theory on ANY animal is it probably will hate what it doesn't understand-so,our goal was to give Ladybug lots of really good experiences, and that is exactly what we did. We discovered Lady was a good dog, and just took a little more time acclimating than other dogs. She is very sensitive,(more so than other JRT's I've known)and has brought a tear to my eye on several occasions when she "breaks up" arguments between my husband and I (if we yell at one another, she rushes in between us and jumps up, whining and carrying on)She is our little peace keeper.

The point of the story is to tell you about the JRT puppy we brought home to Lady about a year ago-Zeke was an impulse buy from a pet store(shame on us)(He is a smooth male) Upon bringing Zeke into the house, Lady looked at us like "how could you?" and promptly attacked him. But, within an hour, they were cuddling and playing and after the blood was mopped up and the wounds were cleaned, we discovered she had nailed him EXACTLY where she was scarred (his right ear). Twin scars! We figure that was just Lady's way of 'initiating' Zeke into the family!

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